Introduction: the drugs have gained great repercussion in the world regarding the use of sex crimes. Many of these drugs have emerged to human benefit, however, are used by criminals to help them. In recent decades, these drugs also known as club drugs have gained a great popularity among young people, especially in the evening parties, as occurring consumption of them there is an increase in energy, endurance, sociability and individual's sexual arousal. Since the use of these drugs has become common, controls them tend to be more complicated because they are difficult to analyze drugs and tracking, so are widely used by criminals in order to have power over his victim. Goal: This article aims to perform a systematic search for drugs which serve to aid sexual assault crimes. Material and Methods: the work had been done in the year 2017, the data collection was through PubMed (Public Medline or Publisher Medline), Lilacs (Latin American and Caribbean Health Sciences), SciELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online) PsychINFO (American Psychological Association) and Web of Science. Results and Discussion: These data found through a systematic survey data on "Drugs used in sexual assault crimes," the results were collected through a BOOK REPORT of the data collected where it was determined the following items for identification of fichado articles : title, author, magazine and year of publication as identification. Data collected approached on sexual assault crimes on drugs used for facilitating these crimes and the way tracking and analysis of these drugs. The sexual assault crime is the crime of rape without the victim's consent to the use of drugs, most often where these drugs with the victim has the effects of amnesia, sedation and hypnosis. The victims in the vast majority are women at the age 15-22 years and often the offender chooses and properly knows the characteristics and profile of the victim, the place that most affects the crime during the holidays, either rave, nightclub, bar or university parties. Such drugs to obtain the desired effect by the criminals have to be mixed with another drug so that the effects are potentiated, the most used by criminals is the mixing of the alcoholic beverage with the drug, and during the holidays the consumption of alcoholic beverage is common among young people The most commonly used drugs are Scopolamine, flunitrazepam (Rohypnol®), Ketamine, and Gamma-hydroxybutyrate. Conclusion: with this study we conclude that drug-induced sexual assault crimes must be considered a public character problem, and any young people attending a party and do not know the practice of risk of this crime and not take care about what happens to around you and the actions of third parties with him, you may end up being a victim.



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